I am a user experience researcher with a background in online learning design.


I love creating online experiences that work well and eliminate confusion. I find a design thinking approach helps find, structure, and deliver the information that matters.

1. Gather Information

2. Organize Insights

contextual research with the learner or user

create accessible artifacts for sharing and aligning team


3. Collaborate and Make

4. Test and Iterate

rapid sketch, wireframe, draw, cut, and click prototypes

test with real people and incorporate findings

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Design is what we share

I believe as our world becomes more complex, life long education becomes more and more important. I seek that work at the nexus of learning and design.  I love researching and designing digital experiences that are learner-centered, eliminate information overload, and create meaningful learning moments without getting in the way.

Work experience in adult education theory and practice, user and stakeholder research, digital communication design, and organizational strategy

Specialties include contextual inquiry, competitive and comparative analyses, card sorts, creating information architecture, user flows, customer journey maps, prototyping, and interactive wireframing – from low to high fidelities

Always seeking book talks, competitive dance shows, green grapes, hikes, stories from Central Asia, and nostalgic old movies

Currently a user researcher for IBM Design Studio in Austin, TX.  I work on the IBM Global Business Services team using design thinking to rethink client engagements. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line!